4 Unbreakable Rules of Link Building Automation


In the IM world, there are numerous link building services, techniques, and software. If you’re doing your own SEO, and you already understand the concept of link building (this is a must!!), I highly recommend purchasing or subscribing to a link building software.

If you understand and can formulate a link building strategy, as well as come up with a decent list of quality sites you’d like to build links on (outside of the default list of sites available in most link builders), then automated link building software might be for you.
If you don’t understand link building already, you will likely dig yourself and your site a deep hole with unnatural and/or spammy links, getting yourself penalized. Please don’t do this!

Basically, you have to be able to shoot a handgun before you can be trusted with a machine gun. Got it? Yes? Ok good. Now that you understand that, let’s get into the Trigger IM COMMANDMENTS of automated link building.


    The first rule that people tend to break via the use of automated link building tools is that they give their site a completely unnatural, spammy link footprint. Let’s say you go out and buy Ultimate Demon right now, and blast links at your site using only the sites already in UD’s database. How many other n00b SEOs do you think have done that already? Probably a lot, right? Don’t underestimate the intelligence of Google – they will figure out that if all of these crap sites have links coming from the same place, that your links are clearly not naturally earned links, and you will be SLAPPED like a mofo. Edit the sources you can place links on, including taking out numerous low quality sites and adding in higher quality sites, before building any links on these suckers. Then, make sure to emulate as natural of a footprint as you can for your niche. This means don’t do a bagillion web 2.0s only or social bookmarks only – you must be natural!


    Unless you are emulating a site going viral (which requires more than a fancy combination of links from a software), your site can get penalized for building links too quickly. If you have a brand new site that gets 1,000 links (likely low quality) on the first day and then NONE after that, how do you think this is going to look? BAD!! You need to make sure you’re drip feeding links at a rate that seems natural. Are you seeing a pattern here? Natural is the word of the day and will remain an important word in this post panda, post penguin world for a long time.

    Another thing to watch out for with link velocity ties into content. You need to make sure your content is prepared to pass human moderation every time, otherwise you will likely be building links that are later removed, which can cause you to have a negative link velocity. This is very bad! Put the effort in up front to make sure your content is prepared before building crap links that will be later removed.


    This ties into link velocity, but only because if your links get removed because your content is crap because you didn’t take the time to spin it, you’re going to have a negative link velocity which is badbadbad. Just make sure your content won’t duplicate when spun and can pass human moderation 100% and you’ll be good!


    We all know over-optimization of anchor texts is a killer these days (I hope, anyways!!). The easy way to make sure that you won’t get penalized for over-optimized anchor texts is to keep any exact match anchors at a max density of 2-3%, and 3% is high to me! The more levels/tiers you have in between your money site and your additionally-tiered links, the more risky you can be with this – but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I recommend doing mostly branded, “click here”, website URL variations, and name-of-a-person anchors with co-citations more often then exact match anchors. If your on-page optimization is on target and your keyword research was done well, 2% exact match anchors will be your friend!

If you can follow these rules, feel free to rank the hell out of your sites without building another link manually again.  If you can’t, study them or use your software of choice on a site you don’t care about first!

To go along with this advice, I’d like to give you a little BONUS to help you out! I have extended lists of addon sites that you can import into Ultimate Demon to expand the sites you can post on. Once this blog gets 50 social shares (likes, tweets, +1′s – any combo!) I’ll add it as a download here!

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!