9 Stupid Ways to Footprint Your Private Network

There are a lot of SEOs that seem to be scared of private networks these days, somehow worried that Google will find a footprint, bringing down every site they own and leaving them in the dust.

I’m here to tell you that’s a lie and you’re being silly.

If you were Google, would it be wise to go around de-indexing legitimate sites? No.

On the otherhand, would it be wise to use your advanced technology to footprint the crap out of the networks of lazy mofo’s and bring them all down at once in a heave of Big-G-justice? Yes.

If you’re still worried about this, I have to ask.. WHY ARE YOU BEING SO LAZY?!

Make your sites look real. No MAKE them real. Here are some stupid ways that lazy marketers footprint their private networks, all of which you should avoid.

  1. Same hosting
  2. Same whois
  3. Same domain name registrar
  4. Same CMS.
  5. Same format. Really, there are 5 different high PR sites linking to you that are all one page with a picture at the top and no analytics information? Even no footprint is sometimes a footprint if you aren’t being creative.
  6. Analytics on ‘em all. Under the same Analytics profile. C’mon.
  7. Always updating them at the same time.
  8. Linking them all to the same sites. Or interlinking them. Or a combo of both.
  9. Building the same links to all of them. Using the same link building software.

Instead of being a lazy marketer, thing of what people/fans/customers in your niche might really do. Even map some domains to blogger, tumblr, and wordpress.com with different themes. Use different hosting companies and track your login info in spreadsheets (seriously, it’s not that hard.) Never ever use the same CMS, theme, and plugins for one network. Why would you do that? Why?!

If you want a good private high PR blog network, put some effort into it. Hire a VA to upkeep content, or automate and schedule it ahead of time.

Just don’t be lazy.