Content Calendars Could Be The Best Tactic You’ve Never Used

There are a few things on my list this year relating to habits and planning that I’m actively trying to implement in order to increase my marketing and blogging productivity as a whole, which (ideally) will trickle down to my income potential and overall earnings from internet marketing.

After identifying a few key things that held me back in 2013, these are the first steps I’m taking to have a kickass 2014, and really they are things I think every marketer could be doing to unleash their full potential. The bonus factor is they’re all clear and actionable.. so there’s no guess work when it comes to getting it done.

This series will hopefully inspire you to weave some of these tips into your personal routine, too, with the idea that you’ll become more productive and make more money!

Creating Content Calendars

With my personal niche blogs (like this one), I tend to get behind and get sidetracked with other projects I’m working on. I can have a ton of blog ideas half written or waiting to be written, but they never seem to get posted until I start planning out when each post will go out.

With a content calendar, I can see that post ABC is supposed to go out on Monday (ahem…), and just get it done when it comes up.

This allows me to fully focus on the task at hand – writing the damn post – instead of wasting my mental budget to plan out long-term content and promotion strategies, which burns me out really quickly and always ends up happening when I sit down to plan AND write content at the same time.

Plan it in one session, write it in another. This makes it easier to take advantage of writing when you’re “in the zone.” I’m actually trying to plan out my posts on a month by month basis, and have at least 2 at a time (per site) actually written and ready to be published/already scheduled at any given time.

The tools I’m using right now are Evernote and Google Calendar. I also use Reminders on iOs to jot down blog ideas on the go, but ultimately I am drafting both planned and unplanned blogs in Evernote, and scheduling my content calendars in Google Calendar.

I always have my phone, iPad, or a computer nearby, and can easily see when something is supposed to be published soon.

Even if I have zero energy left in the day, and I see that 100 Ways to Herd Gerbils is supposed to go out, I can go in and get it done without having to think about anything else, because I’ve already done all of the thinking and planning at an earlier point.

Remember.. the key to internet marketing success  is pretty much just to do what you say you’re going to do. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. That’s my goal with this plan.  Find a formula that works, plan how you’re going to do it, then pull the trigger and gitter’ done!!

Best of luck. Keep me updated with your progress!