Domain ReAnimator – Honest Review & Real Case Study

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Domain Re-Animator Review & Case Study

If you’re not familiar with what Domain ReAnimator is or how it works, then by visiting this site, you have seen evidence that it works well.. This site was found and rebuilt using Domain Re-Animator.

I will be leaving this post as a sticky so that anyone that is looking for an HONEST review of Domain ReAnimator, hopefully will happen upon this posting and find it useful. That being said, let me get started.

I’m an internet marketer, programmer, seo guy, and software developer. I am always looking for great new internet marketing software or seo software that will help speed things up a bit. I am a big fan of link building software and expired domain scrapers and was looking for something new when I happened upon Domain ReAnimator by chance.

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What is Domain ReAnimator?

Domain ReAnimator is an expired domain crawler that scours expired domain name databases and provides you with Moz and Majestic metrics so that you can choose a great expired domain name with traffic for building your own PBN for seo purposes or simply rebuilding old websites to turn around and flip for cash.

Domain ReAnimator Review

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

Domain Re-Animator Review

So, if you search Google for “domain reanimator review” you will find a lot of web 2.0s with the exact same blog post, which is spun content and spamming the internet. I haven’t done a whole lot of background research on it, but it’s either an affiliate of Domain ReAnimator or the developer himself. Well, that’s not even how the program works and has nothing to do with it. It is simply a bunch spammy posts that were made by someone as a way to try to manipulate the Google rankings. So, I used Domain ReAnimator to find expired domains that actually at one point in time contained a post or posts about Domain ReAnimator and this domain, just so happens to be one of the names I found and rebuilt. So, does Domain ReAnimator work? You’re seeing proof as you read this. So, if you’re looking for an honest Domain ReAnimator review, this is actually the most honest one you will find. Do NOT go by all the fake reviews out there that simply just, “Oh, look, Domain ReAnimator is good and you need it.” because they are simply trying to make a commission by conning you into buying something you know nothing about and a program they have never actually used themselves.


How To Use Domain Re-Animator To Find & Rebuild Niche Expired Domains…..

Ok, so now you have seen physical evidence that Domain Re-Animator actually works and you decide that you want to use it to find expired domain names with good metrics and traffic. Here are some helpful tips for using Domain ReAnimator for the first time.

NICHE – ALWAYS work with NICHE targeting – Let me explain something to you really quick so that you understand. Sure, you can make a ton of money pushing a Kim Kardashian fan site, BUT, how good are you at SEO or competing with the top SEO gurus in the industry? My guess? You’re not, or you wouldn’t be trying to learn how to do it yourself. You CANNOT compete with these guys. They will crush you. You’re talking about guys who’ve been doing this a long time, have many years of experience and most have $200k+ in software to help them achieve insane results for popular keywords. You’re not that good, nor do you have that kind of money to throw at software that you don’t even know how to use. Stay small, stay NICHE.

Health Niche – I personally like this niche because it is HUGE. There are so many “micro-niches” and  “sub-niches” within the health genre that it makes finding a decent niche pretty easy. I work a lot with kitchen appliances as a product and vegan diets as content marketing for the appliance ads. There are many niches or micro niches you can choose from and I will just show you examples of what a couple micro niches inside of the health genre would be. There are literally millions to choose from. All you have to do is think and break everything down to it’s smallest component and there you have your “micro-niches”.

I will use one of my domains I just picked up as an example: I ran Domain ReAnimator and found this domain name. I checked the Moz & Majestic metrics and as you can see below, terrible. Just terrible. You can see on Majestic that the domain or IP was banned. That’s not a good thing. I was doing some background research and found that it has 2 links on different Wikipedia pages so I decided to try and get in re-indexed.

[GET] Domain ReAnimator

See the screenshots below of the Moz and Majestic stats.



[GET] Domain ReAnimator

So, now I’m going to show you what how I’m going to do this. This is only one part of one case study that I’m doing for Domain ReAnimator to show actual proof of how it works. Don’t forget, if you’re on this page and are reading this, it worked perfectly. It did exactly as intended. Moving on.



Now, I think that with the TWO super awesome Wikipedia links, I may be able to revive this one and use to build links to some “Vitamix” sites I have. I don’t want them to share it’s penalty though so I will use expired domains like this one here, rebuild them and point them to lawsuit site. Once I’ve gotten it back into Google, I will start slowly building a few links to it. I am hoping that within 2 weeks or so, I should be able to start seeing some improvement. I am also going to see if I can edit and remove the links.

I will update this blog post as I start seeing results.  As I slowly build a private blog network that will promote the Vitamix blender and micro-niches under it such as “vitamix deals” & “vitamix sale”. Those are just two examples of some micro-niche sites I will be building and hopefully gain a TON of link juice from Wikipedia. So as of the date of this blog post, has a page authority of 1 and a domain authority of 1. Let’s see what it looks like in 2 weeks after I’ve built a few links.


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