Facebook Advertising Case Study: You’re Doing It Wrong


Want to show off a quick example of someone who is executing their Facebook ads pretty damn well. And you probably aren’t.

I don’t know who this person is and it’s the first time I’ve seen this software, but it was advertised to me earlier this week. When I saw it again this morning (which I was hoping would happen), I knew I needed to screenshot the funnel to show it off. Why?

Because I almost bought their software, and I don’t even need it.

This guy is doing it right. If you’re not executing Facebook ads in a manner like this, you’re probably doing it wrong and losing a lot of money.

So, here’s what you should be doing!

The Facebook Ad


  1. The image: Yes, the image could be better, since we know people/faces/boobies convert the best. But, it’s very colorful, and displays ACTION, which is in my next point..
  2. The headline: It wants us to see something in action. Not just to “check it out” or “read more.” We’re going to see something in ACTION! Action is exciting! This fits with the image really well.
  3. The ad copy: “Curate and schedule 100′s of posts to your fan pages in a single click with this software.” What software? We’re going to see this software, called FB Post Bot, schedule 100′s of posts AT ONCE? This could have been phrased “You can schedule multiple posts with Fb Post Bot!” but that’s boring. Now we’re scheduling an insane amount of posts all at once in a single click which perfectly ties into the image. Ok, even if I don’t want this software, I still want to SEE it do this just because! Let’s click it!

The Landing Page


Conversion optimization level: PRO
If we’re at this page, we are already assumed to want to see this software in action, so make the pre-qualified, targeted user give you their email. The thought process is “Just show me the software already! You need an email to do that? FINE. Fine. Here you go. Here’s my email. I clicked on the ad, so of course I want to see this!”

By sending the pre-qualified visitor through an opt-in page first, you are able to target and market to them in the future even if they don’t buy right now. That is one of the most valuable things ever. That is, actually, one of the main goals of this campaign – secondary to getting you to actually buy the software right off the bat.

This was likely created with LeadPages, a super awesome and Facebook friendly lead page generator, which is golden for anyone selling a product or selling an affiliate product.. you know what kind of hoops you have to jump through to get those ads approved sometimes!

The Offer


The offer almost doesn’t even matter at this point. This guy just generated pre-qualified leads who are willing to jump through hoops like giving out their email address in order to see his software. He knows that these people are interested in Facebook pages and Facebook marketing, and will likely buy other software. The value of having those targeted people on your email list, as an owner of FB marketing software, is incredible!!

By targeting the right people with a super slick opt-in campaign that ends in sales and continued contact with the customer (or potential customer) via an email list is a no-brainer. I’m betting this guy is making off quite well, and you should be doing this, too.

Don’t run Facebook ads and let those clicks you’re paying for go to waste. Send them through an opt-in page to get their attention again and again for free in the future! YOU’RE WELCOME!