How to Get Results: Stop Reading Bullshit, Start Taking Action

I know how you’re feeling.

Defeated, incapable.

You haven’t been able to make it work yet. All of the courses, emails, and blogs you’ve read haven’t made a difference. You’re still not ranking, bringing in leads, or making money.

I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been there! Every lone wolf marketer who’s trying to make money online has been there.

There are so many blogs and forum posts and “epic new courses” that take advantage of newbies, and eventually, you lose your way. Your head gets filled up with nonsense and public relations babble. You start losing sight of your plan.

You start to feel like it may never happen, you’re never going to make a living doing this, you’ll never be able to tweak it right. The gurus make everything look so easy, but it’s not for you.

Distractions abound and it’s hard to stay focused when it seems like nothing you do is getting results.

I’m here to reset your brain and start you on the right path. I want you to stop doubting yourself, and start taking action to get the results you want.

I want you to rid your brain of every silly SEO advice you’ve ever taken, and go read everything you can possibly get your hands on on the Source Wave blog. If you’re looking to rank and profit, you need to tilt your head, spill out all the seo nonsense and PR bullshit from your brain through your ear, and listen to what Alex has to say. Don’t read any other blogs (ok, maybe this one :P) right now, just focus on re-learning what WORKS.

Focus on high PR and relevance. Focus on rankings, not white-hat or black-hat. Be make-money-hat. Be pull-the-trigger-hat. Stop beating yourself up, stop getting distracted, and start getting results.. NOW. I mean it. Fin some “dinky little keywords” (as Alex puts it) and start putting together private networks.

Start with one sight, one goal. Don’t lose track of that goal. Stop reading blog after blog after forum after email trying to sell you some new tool, technique, or program. You don’t need it, all it’s going to do is take up space in your brain and get in the way of YOU and YOUR FREEDOM. So stop.

Build one site, do it right, rank, and pull in money. Then focus on your next money making project. You can do this, but you have to stop getting distracted by shiny things.. ok? Ok.

Just wanted to give you a pep talk because I began having one of those moments with one of my own sites recently and instantly perked up once I experienced a sliver of success. I know it’s easy to experience that mindset of self-doubt, but I also know that we can change it, and we can only find success by staying focused. So, go pull the trigger, and stop moping. Start taking action, instead of reading and analysing. :) You know the steps to take, you just need to continue taking them, no matter how difficult, time consuming, or boring they may be. If you don’t, you’re not going to earn your dream life.

You’re welcome!