Increase domain authority with PBNs & web 2.0s

Increase Domain Authority With Private Blog Networks

Increasing domain authority will increase Google rankings. How to increase domain authority using private blog networks, expired domain names, and expired web 2.0s.

When trying to increase domain authority or website authority, you need to keep in mind a few things. These are things that if not heeded, can result in a major catastrophe for your Google rankings, BUT if they are heeded, will dramatically increase your seo rankings as well as your domain authority, page authority and trust flow.

Keep in mind the following before attempting to build a private blog network:

Footprints – Leaving footprints can be disastrous for a couple reasons. Why? Well, let’s say you take the time to re-register 25 expired Tumblr blogs that have a high page authority and a decent citation flow. You build them back up, throw your posts on them, build your links, etc. Well, unless you registered each one from a unique ip address, you’ve left a footprint. This footprint will lead to other footprints and then all your work was in vain. Avoid footprints. If you’re going to setup a private blog network, make sure you’re smart about it and you use a proxy service and clear out your browser. Use different browsers, different ip addresses, different email addresses, and if possible, different operating systems. I would not register more than 3-5 Tumblr blogs per ip address.

Spam Links – When re-registering expired domain names or expired web 2.0s, alway check to see what kind of backlinks are pointing back to it. If you’re building a blog network for Vitamix blenders, then you surely don’t want adult based links pointing back to your site. You also don’t want a bunch of link farms pointing to your site either.

Content – Sure you can use an autoblogging software, but you should probably try to write some original content as well. If you’re going to be building up your own private blog network and you actually want it to work well for you, don’t be lazy, write some content. It doesn’t take that long. Look, I’m doing it now…..