Increase Your SEO Results by 1321% With This Simple Tip

Ok, so let’s be honest. You’re not going to learn how to increase anything by exactly 1321% with this tip, since I haven’t measured this. But, I can guarantee that if you do this simple thing, you will get more results. Period.

With this series, I’ve been covering the actions I’m implementing this year to, for lack of a better phrase, do more awesome shit than I thought possible. This is extremely important if you’re an independent internet marketer. Nobody is going to tell you when to clock in or what to do, so you’ve got to organize it for yourself!

So far, I’ve already covered using content calendars, setting your work hours, and defining your work activities. For this final installation, we’ll be discussion actionable tasks that relate directly to your goals.

So first, you have to figure out your goals. For me, these usually run along the lines of:

  • Increase the rankings for these keywords
  • Gain more traffic to this specific post
  • Gain more followers on these social profiles
  • Make more sales for this specific product

When you’re going to sit down and do some work, you don’t want to just work willy nilly without a plan. Yes, you know your working activities because of the last post, so you know you’re not going to go on Facebook, blah blah.. but what about planning a solid link between your tasks and your actual goals?

By doing this, you can see how the work you’re doing is affecting your progress. If I know that the next thing I want to do is increase the rankings for keywords x and y, I plan out exactly what actions I’m going to take to do that. This way, there is no room to fail!

An example plan of actionable tasks for “increase rankings for keywords x and y” would look like:

  1. Look at the pages for x and y and double check the on-page optimization.
  2. Look for missed or additional opportunities for internal linking.
  3. Do a competitive analysis for others ranking for those keywords, and steal their backlinks.
  4. Get creative in building additional backlinks targeting those keywords – whether it’s another high PR site, some blog comments, whatever works for the niche.
  5. Track the dates of the actions and watch results happen.


So often I see internet marketers in the forums running around going “what do I do what do I do? How do I rank this? How do I make money?” and part of me cringes, part of me rolls my eyes, and part of me wants to help them.

Really the first thing is to sit down and plan WHAT exactly you want to do, and subsequently HOW exactly you’re going to do it.

There’s no option for failure if you stick to it!

If you follow the 4 points in this series, I can guarantee that you’ll be more productive and get more out of the time you spend working. I dare you to try and let me know how it goes! (Maybe you can even measure it and show us!)

Who doesn’t love freebies?

Because I know this guidance is pretty basic and most people will just read it and tell themselves that they’re going to implement this, or that they already do, I’m going to share the spreadsheet I use to directly track my IM goals, actions, and results with you.

Thank you for sharing! Here’s your direct action plan template. Make a copy to use in your own Drive or download this to use with Excel. I hope this helps you define the activities that get you results!

It’s simple enough that not everyone will go through the trouble of making this, but I urge you to try it out and see what happens, because I really want you to get results. I want to see more success and understanding in the forums, and less confusion. You’ll be able to plan and correlate what you should be doing to reach your goals, and directly measure the results that you get from each set of actions.

Take it away and tell me it doesn’t help!! Download the spreadsheet with a share above!