RankPay SEO

RankPay SEO

What is RankPay SEO?

RankPay SEO is a pay-for-performance SEO company based out of San Diego, California. Having been in business over  years, RankPay is a leader when it comes to search engine optimization & social media marketing. The SEO industry is quite competitive because people see the high dollar value of ranking websites at the top of the search engines. RankPay is one of the more affordable SEO companies out there.

SEO Pricing

How much does RankPay SEO charge?

Well, now that all depends on the keywords and volume. RankPay bases their prices off of these factors. I will give you an example though.

I am in the middle of a large project where I’m developing some SEO software and a keyword research tool. In the process of building and testing, I came upon some exact match, expired domains.

  • rankpayreview.com
  • rankpayreviews.com
  • rankpayseo.com

So, what I’ve done is put up some blogs on two of the domains (will get to the other one later), and let them have at ranking them for me. Sure, I make affiliate commissions, but it’s to prove their service actually works. I used their service before and it worked out well for me.

Here’s some screenshots of the keywords and current rankings in Bing. Google ranks are not that great yet, but Bing and Yahoo are awesome!. Below are screenshots of the keywords & their prices for SEO along with current search engine rankings in Bing and Google.

RankPay SEO RankPay

Not only do I use RankPay’s SEO service for my review sites, but I also use their service for social media marketing as well as ranking my other sites at the top of the search engines.

You will see that there are no affiliate links on this page. I’m not trying to make money from this post. This post is simply a testimonial about RankPay and their performance based SEO service and how well it actually works. I won’t be having them do any SEO on this site. Any SEO done on this site will be done by me, but I’m probably not going to spend a whole lot of time on it. I will however say this, my focus keyword is “RankPay SEO” so let’s see how quickly I can rank #1 in Bing for that keyword, shall we?

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