The Biggest Marketing Killer and How To Stop It

Welcome to part 2 of my mind-blowing-obviousness series! In this series I’m discussing the habits and goals that I’m actively working on in order to increase my internet marketing and blogging productivity as a whole in 2014, which (ideally) will trickle down to my income potential and overall earnings from internet marketing.

After identifying a few key things that held me back in 2013, these are the first steps I’m taking to have a kickass 2014, and really they are things I think every marketer could be doing to unleash their full potential. If you missed part 1, read about it .

Onto the second item!

Limit Your Working Hours

Yes, mi compadre. In order to increase my blogging and internet marketing productivity, I am limiting and decreasing my working hours. I honestly believe that trying to work all the time is a HUGE marketing killer, but it’s really hard to quit. You just can’t be awesome all the time.

There are a few simple reasons.

  1. Burnout.

    If you bust your ass on something 24/7, you’re eventually going to burn out, and then you won’t be getting anything done. This is definitely the case with me.
    I have multiple blogging projects and multiple internet marketing projects (yes.. I spread myself too thin. Shaddup.) I tend to work late into the night since I also have a day job with regular hours. So what happens? I work really hard and make great progress for a few weeks and then pphewwwssshshhhhhh… the balloon pops. NO MORE!

  2. Work harder, not smarter.

    I’m a firm believer in this saying and it really applies to all aspects of life. There’s nothing envious about working all of the time or being stressed out by what you’re doing, contrary to popular belief. I don’t think it’s impressive.  But for some reason, this trend of looking really busy all the time is big.
    How about we say screeew that – work smarter and not harder – and make more money in less time so we can actually enjoy life? Now that’s something to brag about.

  3. Less hours available = more purposeful use.

    By limiting the hours I’ll let myself work, I know that I have less time to get the same amount of stuff done. This may seem like an issue but it can actually make you more efficient if you plan properly.
    Like I said in step 1, I’m now using content calendars  which lets me plan in one stage and write in another, without having to worry about strategy anymore once I get to the writing part. That part is already done. By planning and using your time efficiently instead of dicking around on Facebook or the Warrior Forum, you end up getting more done in less time.

  4. My sanity and personal life!

    The final reason for cutting back my working hours but doing more is that it’s actually going to improve my personal life, too.  By allowing myself to work at any odd hour, it becomes easy to obsess over marketing KPI’s, rankings, and earnings, which cuts into other things.. like real life. It affects everything from my relationship to how much sleep I get and my daily mood.
    Having limited work hours and actually planning what you’ll do with them makes this much easier to manage, and really, it goes for all professional fields.. even, and I’d say almost even moreseo, freelance/flexible fields in terms of specific working hours, like internet marketers and artists.

By busting my butt 24/7 whenever I can, I’m actually working less effectively and less efficiently. I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted to in 2013 and plan on blowing everything out of the water this year.

So there you have it.. content calendars and limited hours are my first 2 steps, both of which I really encourage you to explore for your own pursuits this year. Pull the trigger and #MAKETHOSEM0NIEZ my friends!