Tips for Building Safe Links in a Post-Penguin World

If there’s one thing that needs to be preached to the internet marketing and SEO community in this post-penguin world, it’s not linkbuilding abstinence – it’s safe linkbuilding education! ;) This is going to be a quick post but it covers what I’ve found to be THE most important factors in practice safe linkbuilding post-penguin.


  1. Don’t over-optimize your anchor texts. Seriously, you only need 2-3% of exact match anchors (and variations) to rank if your on-page optimization is down and your links are not crap. If you do more than this, you’re risking it!
  2. Get relevant links. The links you’re building should be on relevant sites with variations of your keywords and even co-citations. The actual content needs to be relevant for the anchor you’re trying to place. No more randomly placed viagra links in the middle of a jumbled paragraph!
  3. Get quality links. This might sound lame and you’ve probably heard it before, but seriously. It goes along with my rules of automated linkbuilding post. Don’t just throw a ton of links at crap sites and hope that they stick. Customize your sites, set up your targets, make sure they’re good, and THEN place the links.

These are 3 stupid simple tips that you just WON’T get penalized for sticking to. You just can’t. It’s easy, seriously. Stick to these and penguins will be the last worry you need to have.

Hope that helped – let me know if it was boring or if you have any questions!