Want to Get More Done? Limit What You Do!

This is the 3rd post in my series on How to Kick the Internet’s Ass… more formally known as “4 Obvious Tips To Increase Your Marketing Productivity and Income in for 2014!”

The first post in this series covered my use of content calendars, and the second covered my marketing/working hours (that sounds gross, but it’s not what it looks like! :P)

The overall idea is that there are simple changes we can make in our lives that can result in a big impact. Last year (2013) I made a LOT of plans that never came to fruition because I was too busy dicking around. This year, I’m changing that!

Every marketer could take something from these tips to unleash their full potential. Each recommended tactic in this series is clear and actionable.. not to mention easy to implement which is a must for me. So there’s really no excuse for getting it done – Though I am breaking my Part 2 rule of working hours.. but it’s for a good cause. When there is the urge to write, one must write!

This series will hopefully inspire you to weave some of these tips into your personal routine, too, with the idea that you’ll become more productive and make more money.

LIMITING MY ONLINE (or working, in general) ACTIVITIES

The internet is bulging at the seams with distractions. Facebook? Lolcats? The Warrior Forum? Every IM blog you can open in new tabs in Chrome until it throws up? Pinterest? Petitions?

I’d bet everything I own that you waste too much time on one of these. I do, too.

It’s really easy to convince yourself that you’re being “productive” when you’re reading other internet marketing blogs, or pouring over threads in the forums, learning things and staying on top of new threads.

The cold hard truth, though, is NONE of that matters unless you actually get involved and/or take action.

If you’re reading about more techniques and tools than you’ve actually put to use or written about, you have a problem. Thankfully, there’s a solution!

The simple formula is to put out more than you’re taking in. If the first thing you do is check Facebook when you wake up, stop it. Become a PRODUCER of content, campaigns, results, mad information, rather that a CONSUMER. Be a do-er, not a spectator.

By waking up and immediately checking what others are broadcasting, you are distracting your own mind with comparisons and bird walks. You need to have a plan and make shit happen, otherwise you’ll be watching others do it for the rest of your life.

This is exactly why I’m limiting my work activities!! Here’s how:

  • Figure out the MOST VALUABLE action steps and activities to get to the next level in your current project. Even outline milestones.
  • Put more of your time and effort into the tactics with the best payoffs. Try not to waste time on things that won’t get you any results.
  • Have an action plan that you review each morning and evening. In the morning, review what needs to be done to get closer to your goals, and start doing it.In the evening, review what you were able to do, and plan for the next day, focusing on what you can do better (without beating yourself up.)
  • Make this a routine. You need to know exactly what to do to reach your goals, and the only thing left is DOING it (after all, it IS the key to making a million online…)
  • Track time. Not just for your planned tasks, but when you dick around, too. I use an app called ATRACKER for this. It gives you an awesome pie chart of your daily activities and you’ll quickly be able to see where you’re burning valuable time in the wrong places.
  • Skip Facebook when it’s not needed. Really. Even set specific times that you can use it. There are tools to block you from it if necessary. This goes for other social networks, too.

This with a content calendar and not-around-the-clock working hours and BOOM… You have a formula for productivity skyrocket-ization!!

Now, figure out what needs to get done (and what doesn’t) and go do it!